Welcome to new visitors. Welcome back to former visitors who wondered what happened to my former website-it's a long, sad story and I will explain it on my article called "The Music Man". The important thing is that I'm back and I'm still willing to share my memories of this golden era. This website is dedicated to the memory of the music that once entertained Americans during the past century. Join me on a trip back in time to different eras in recorded music. Check the menu above for the complete listing of my articles. This is your home of American popular music
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Music Man

The Fifties Music Man 001
This was me in 1990 while I was living in Manteca, California. They did a newspaper article on me (I guess they had nothing better to do at the time).

Hi, My name is Cal and for over 4 years I was the administrator of a domain called “fiftiesmusicman.com”. All this changed on April 19, 2016 when my webhost tried to bill me $200 for services that I cancelled last year. I had to pay this money only if I was to continue the website. I felt my website was being held for ransom. All of the articles that I have written over 4 years would be gone. My response can be summed up in a song, of course.

It felt bad to lose all my work but I now have an opportunity to start over and create some new things (some things about my site won’t change). I enjoy talking about the music of the 20th century and I now I have the chance to talk about country music and it’s stars and legends.If you’ve visited my site in the past, tell your friends that I’m back and I will have some new info on my site (there will be lots more info on the decade of the 60’s) The 1960’s would see some of the glory days of Top 40 radio in the Bay Area-legendary disc jockeys and memorable songs that would form the soundtrack of our lives. I will eventually post some info on the early days of recorded music. Join me on a trip into the 20th century. Take it away, Alabama. 🙂 🙂 🙂